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A Brief Look At Your Drafting Options

An architect creates works that incorporate science and art. They usually oversee all the construction of a house, the designing of a building, the materials used and how they combine to form one whole structure. Becoming one requires an average five-year Bachelor s degree from an accredited university with another two years of study beforehand sitting for the licensing exam. There is a lot of knowledge to be learned before one can become a practicing architect. It begins with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from an accredited university followed by additional training and work experience. The Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering is designed to provide more detail on the theoretical background to become an architect, but still allows enough practical training.

BIM or Building Information Modeling is a computer program created by NASA and uses complex mathematics to create a 3D image of any part of the world. This software allows designers to create digital models of buildings and other types of manufactured goods from actual photos taken by satellites. BIM is now available in many computer software programs. This has made it easier for architects to do their job. In addition, there are now more degree programs in building information modeling. The National Association of Home Builders offers six different BIM certification courses which include Introduction to BIM, Foundations of Designing, Foundations of Planning and Project Management, Foundations of Practices, and Practical Business Applications.

Another way to gain insight into the field of drafting is through a civil engineering firm. These firms have a lot of knowledge about the engineering field and a large amount of drafting experience. A civil engineering firm may be able to recommend better career paths for those students who are into this field.

There are also private contracting agencies that hire individuals such as drafters, engineers, and architects. These agencies tend to focus on specific tasks instead of becoming a one size fits all outfit. These contracts also allow the company to control costs rather than trying to spread their costs across multiple projects. A well run CADD agency will have individuals from each discipline working together.

In addition to hiring individuals, many firms offer training to current drafters and cadd workers. These classes usually last two weeks. The course work can be very hands on and incorporate many types of drafting such as cadd, structural, framing, and many more. Most of the training is centered on how to read blueprints so that the designers know exactly what they are looking at when using the blueprint to build the final product.

When hiring a drafting professional, make sure to check references and hire someone with great references. There is no substitute for good references. The references should be from former clients. You want to hire someone who is willing to stand behind their work and tell clients how satisfied they are with their work, this way you will be completely comfortable hiring this person and know that they will do the best job possible for you.

Make sure that the person you hire has the ability to customize different types of drawings depending upon the project at hand. They should be able to draw straight lines, curves, and also diagonal and orthogonal functions. The more they can customize the drawings the more accurate the final product will be. Many of the newer versions of the code, drafting, and architectural software come standard with several templates that come pre-formatted.

The last thing you need to check is that your prospective drafter is going to get the certification and training necessary to successfully complete your project. There are some drafting schools that require students to take exams, have on site experience, and even take part in hands on classes. There are some universities that will only offer training programs certifications based upon experience and certification. You should always check with any school before committing to them so that you know what you are getting into and if you are going to get the education you need to pass the exam and get your license.

A Brief Look At Your Drafting Options
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