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Can I Get My Real Estate License With a DUI

Can I get my real estate license with a DUI? The answer is yes, if you are over the age of 21 and have not been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol. To obtain your license, you will have to pass the state’s administer the roadblocks, administered breath tests, take a field sobriety test, and take a laboratory test given by the state that will determine your alcohol level. Once all these requirements are completed and you pass the exam you will receive your license.

Can I get my license with a DUI even though I am still in jail? Yes, as long as you were not arrested while in jail, ie. immediately after pulling over for the stopped car. You can apply to have your record sealed if you have already completed all requirements and you were not arrested. If you were arrested, you will have to wait for one month from the date of your arrest until the court can review your case and get a ruling on your release. If your record is clear after this period, you can then reapply for your real estate license.

Can I get my real estate license with a DUI by paying someone to do it? Yes, if you can afford to pay the fee to have a licensed broker do the application for you. This can be done through private brokers who work off site from home and have no overhead costs. These services can get you your license fast and can be done at your own convenience.

Can I get my real estate license with a DUI by working off site? Again, yes. However, you need to be careful with this approach. If you choose this route, you need to have your own attorney that knows the local regulations and laws for real estate transactions in your area. You also need to be prepared to pay the cost of the job.

Can I get my real estate license with a DUI by working online? Yes, you can get your license fast this way as well. This option works best for people who are able to log into their computer and type out everything. These online services have attorneys that can fill out all the necessary paperwork so that you can get your license in a short amount of time.

Can I get my real estate license with a DUI by living in another state? Of course you can. There are ways to get around the restrictions of your current state and your current offense. Some people choose to move to another city or county to live permanently. Others choose to just live in another county within the state where they were convicted of your DUI.

Can I get my license with a DUI by working part time in my local community? It is certainly possible to get a job in some small town in another county without any problems. Part time work can be completed in small town at night or on the weekends. Once you have completed the required hours of service, the state will not bother you about your conviction.

Yes, you can get my real estate license with a DUI. The laws and requirements are fairly simple to follow. Take advantage of the many resources available to you online to find out more information.

Can I get my real estate license with a DUI by working online? You certainly can! Some of the websites that provide DUI related information have websites that allow you to complete your transaction online. You can use your credit card to purchase the property and you will not have to worry about the payment as long as you have signed up for the website.

Yes, you can get my real estate license with a DUI when you sign up for an online program. You will need to provide your personal information, such as name, address, and social security number. The purpose of the online program is to give you a chance to get your DUI off your record while you work towards having your real estate license. This will take several months to a year, depending on how much time you spend working with the online program.

You can find out if you can get your real estate license with a DUI by looking on the Internet. In most cases, the program can be used in three months to a year. If you are looking for real estate licenses in a hurry, you can find many programs that can be used very quickly. In most cases, the process will allow you to obtain your real estate license and be able to become the owner of your dream home. You can do it!

Can I Get My Real Estate License With a DUI
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