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Civil Engineering Exams

The subject of civil engineering exam can be intimidating for many students. If you are planning to take the civil engineering exam, you are likely wondering what is required of you. A civil engineering graduate should complete four steps to reach a legal license as a Professional Engineer:

You must complete four steps in order to become an ABET-approved Professional Engineer: Graduate from an ABET accredited engineering program. Pass the National Council for Construction Education and Research (NCECR) Exam. Work as a professional engineer for at least four years. Successfully pass the National Commission for Interior Design and Construction Education (NCEES) Examination. Take and pass the Commercial Construction Review Course (CCR).

Preparation for the National Council for Interior Design and Construction Education (NCIDC) Examination requires taking a preparation course, reading the NCIDC textbooks, taking the exam, and passing it with a certain score. It is possible to prepare for the NCEES Examination on your own through taking pre-licensing courses, reading the books, and attending review courses offered by universities engineering programs. It is also possible to prepare for the NCEES Examination online through taking online preparation courses and attending online university engineering programs. In any case, the internet is an excellent resource for preparing for these tests.

There are two types of examinations that are administered by the National Council for Interior Design and Construction Education (NCIDC): the dry-run and the hands-on. The dry run exam is conducted in an actual construction laboratory where professionals simulate installation and operation of mechanical and structural systems; this type of examination mimics real-world conditions. The dry run exam also allows professional engineers to gauge their progress as they develop understanding of the material and its specifications. For the hands-on portion of the examination, individuals will be asked to construct a mock system, while practicing until they have mastered the techniques necessary to handle it in a safe manner.

Before sitting for a civil engineering exam, be sure to check the NCIDC rules for taking the examination. Most states require that applicants pass at least one of three written examinations before becoming eligible to take the licensing exam. Some states allow applicants to take the examination online, but others require paper or hand-in-certification.

It is important to remember that even though you may have attended many engineering programs or know many people who have, the information learned during the engineering school is not transferable. This means that if you want to take the civil engineering exam for the certification exam that is offered by the National Commission for Interior Design and Construction Education (NCIDCE) or the American Institute of Professional Engineers (AIPE), it is important that you continue your education in the field. In order to maintain a successful career, it is essential to understand the laws and regulations affecting the field. Review course information, gain knowledge about new technology, and prepare yourself for the exam.

After you have successfully completed an engineering program, whether online or through a local college, you should start looking for an exam provider. Review the information about the exam providers available, and contact them. Reviewing the exam will give you the knowledge and skills needed to pass the NCIDC exam. Take the exam and get certified, become a leader in your field, and achieve higher pay. Take the next step by reviewing online civil engineering programs.

Civil Engineering Exams
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