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Computer Engineering and Graduate Programs

Computer Engineering is one of the most important branches of science today. While there are many other jobs in the field of computer engineering, there is a handful of career options that are nearly interchangeable with others. The advantages to computer engineering as a major include good pay, job stability and a rapidly changing environment and a sense of possibility.

There is a general consensus that computer engineering is one of the most lucrative fields in all of education. Many computer engineers earn salaries in excess of a thousand dollars a year. What makes computer engineering so appealing to young people and returning college students is the prospect of starting from the bottom and gradually advancing through the ranks.

The typical computer engineering major will begin his or her four-year degree with a major in either computer engineering or mathematics. While these are common first-year majors, there is another alternative which is a good second choice. In order to get into the upper range of job growth, computer engineers should take additional classes in business administration, public policy, or engineering economics. These additional courses will help to shorten the length of time needed to reach the career goal.

Two years after a computer engineering major has graduated, he or she should enroll in an advanced course in business administration. While the numbers vary, up to one year of graduate-level coursework at a university may be required. An advanced course will help engineers better understand the complicated interactions of business management and information technology. Graduates will also be able to apply the theories they have learned to real-world problems. For those with no background in business administration, this could prove to be a helpful elective if an option such as a Master’s degree in Business Administration is not taken.

After completing a four year degree, engineers should be prepared to enter the workforce with both a degree and job security. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer engineering employment will grow at the highest rate between 2021 and the year 2021. The projected growth rate is faster than the average for all other fields. Because computer engineering jobs pay well and offer excellent job security, it is easy to see why so many people choose to enter this field.

With so much promise for computer engineering graduates, it is no wonder that employers are willing to invest in these hardworking individuals. A recent survey found that the median salary for computer engineers working in the United States was $77,000. Computer technology has been a growth market over the past decade, and with continued investment in research and development, it is predicted that it will continue to produce strong job growth for several more years. For those interested in a fulfilling career in this industry, salaries are only going to go up.

When considering a graduate program in computer engineering, you will want to look for a school that offers an associate’s, bachelors, or masters degree. Having a larger number of education credits indicates a higher earning potential. Computer engineering is one of the few fields where a bachelor’s degree is not only needed, but highly desired. Many job opportunities require at least a bachelor’s degree. However, some companies are willing to take the time to train you on the job instead of having you graduate and complete the necessary credits. Those with an associate’s degree can expect to begin receiving promotions at age 30, and with a bachelors, you can start to see real increases in your salary.

To earn your Ph.D., you should pursue a full-time course load with an accredited university or college. In order to receive your Ph.D., you must pass an examination called the Khayyam exam. This exam is administered by the Middle Eastern Technical Education Institute (METE). A majority of accredited colleges and universities participate in the study of engineering. In order to complete a course of study, a student must first enroll in an IT college, as most major colleges now offer an IT department. After a student has earned his or her bachelor’s degree, he or she may choose to continue learning about engineering with a master’s degree in computer engineering (also referred to as a PhD) or a Ph.D.

Computer Engineering and Graduate Programs
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