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Database Management Systems (DBMS) – An Overview

A BSC is a balanced scorecard used to compare the efficiency of a company’s existing DBD (dbms) systems against competitors’ performance. In technical terms, a DBA is a general purpose programming language. However, this definition does not cover the full scope of what a DBA is capable of doing. DBA stands for “Device Based Architecture”. The focus of this article is “What does a Database Designer do?”

The job of a database administrator is to set up, configure and maintain a fully featured database management system. Often times tied to a particular platform like Oracle, MySQL, or SQL Server, a database administrator also modifies scripts, hardware and software configurations. A DBA may also be responsible for the implementation of a data access application, or he may be involved in the creation of a data model. Regardless, of his role, a DBA must understand the business’s data requirements and how he plans to implement them through the database management system.

To fill these roles, many companies hire a skilled team of database administrators. In fact, there are many professional groups that specialize in the development of DBA applications and services. Many major metropolitan areas have professional development groups that hire on-site DBA contractors to help create the most effective databases for their clients. However, in recent years companies in the U.S. and globally have begun to outsource database administrators to offshore vendors.

Database administrators with any of the major credential databases are required to have certifications and licenses in order to work independently in the United States and abroad. The six major certifications required for working in the U.S. are Database Administrator (DA), Application Administrator (DAE), Application Manager (AAM), CompTIA Security Manager, System Administrator, and Web-Based Admin. The Database Administrator (DA) is responsible for creating and managing the daily operations of a company’s servers, programs, and networks. DA certifications require an understanding of database design as well as an ability to administer systems.

Database professionals who obtain an IT degree are usually hired as Database Administrator (DA). These individuals may also serve as PC Users (PU) and Computer Systems administrators. These positions require degrees in Information Technology (IT) to qualify. An IT degree typically requires additional coursework including courses related to computer systems and database administration.

For those interested in pursuing careers in the Information Technology field, obtaining certifications for positions in the Database Administration field is recommended. Two of the most common certifications that are required by employers worldwide are OCA 12C Administrator Certified Master (OCA 12C). OCA certification requirements are generally more comprehensive than the DCMS examinations required by many states in the United States. OCA 12C administrator certification tests cover various computer systems such as network, server, storage, and desktop. Test requirements generally include detailed procedures on how to set up a virtual server, install applications, configure security features, and perform database maintenance. A good OCA 12C administrator test should be able to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge about database administration.

To gain admittance into one of the Pearson vue training courses, potential students must pass a prerequisite exam given by the institute. This exam, which may be taken online or in person, is based upon the contents of the class material. Potential students should consult with their local campuses before choosing which institute to attend in order to obtain necessary prerequisite exams for the class.

Obtaining certifications for positions as a Database Administrator and/or a Database Administrator Certified Professional will open many doors in the field of database development and administration. In addition to opening high-level job opportunities, these certifications will also help prepare students for the employment market as well as give them strong credentials for their own resume. For more information about certification and employment opportunities in this exciting field, please visit the DBA website. You can also access DBA career videos, current job openings, and additional information. DBA continues to provide the best resources available for those interested in pursuing exciting career opportunities in the world of database management systems.

Database Management Systems (DBMS) – An Overview
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