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Establishing a Nursing Salary Range

There are different kinds of nursing programs. Nurses can be employed by hospitals, private medical facilities, nursing homes, home health agencies and nursing care facilities. The scope of nursing activities varies widely. At a very basic level, nursing involves the assessment and treatment of patients who need help with their conditions. Nurses can specialize in a particular area of nursing or work within a larger community as an Allied Health Professional or a Medical Office Nurse. Nurses can take any kind of nursing course they want but must first receive an associate’s degree from an accredited nursing program.

There are two kinds of NCLEX tests: the NCLEX -PN and the NCLEX -R. The NCLEX -PN is an administrative test that focus on nursing PN practices and knowledge, and includes patient observation. The NCLEX -R is a diagnostic test that assesses nursing R practice and clinical skills. The NCLEX consists of three main sections: human physiology, nursing management and clinical aspects of nursing care. To become a licensed nurse, a nurse must pass all three sections of the NCLEX before becoming a professional nurse.

In addition to passing the NCLEX, nursing students must pass several other entrance exams that the nursing board certifies them for before they can take the NCLEX. These exams are known as the NCLEX Examination for Registered Nurses or the NCLEX Exams for Practical Nurses. In addition to passing these exams, nursing students must complete a minimum of two years of college coursework and participate in a minimum of twenty hours of supervised clinical practice. Once a nurse meets the minimum requirements, he/she will be mailed a NCLEX examination for the particular state from which they will apply for licensing.

The first requirement for applying for NCLEX is passing the written portion of the exam. Many nursing schools are offering practice exams, which students can take to fulfill their state-mandated application. As part of the licensing process, nurses must pass the written NCLEX, prior to applying for licensing.

Becoming a registered nurse (RN) or a nursing practitioner involves taking courses in basic nursing and science, plus specialized courses in the areas of pediatrics, adult, and pediatric care. Upon successful completion of the requisite course work, the nursing student will be mailed their NCLEX exam. If they passed their practical test, they will be required to take a board exam that will be offered by the National Board of Nursing Examiners or the National Council Licensure Exam Clearinghouse. This exam is the step that gives the nurse the license to practice.

It is imperative that aspiring nurses take these vital first steps. Passing the NCLEX requires both clinical and nursing knowledge, as well as the relevant certifications in various areas. In order to qualify for a competitive salary, it is imperative that the nursing student earns at least one year of experience in patient care. Earning experience in this field requires having worked in a hospital, nursing home, doctor’s office, nursing clinic, or other medical facility for at least one year. The most common first-year specialties are respiratory therapy, physical therapy, pharmacy technician, nutritionist, and social worker.

Once a nursing student has earned the relevant bachelor’s degree, he/she may want to pursue specialization. Specialization in a specific area is more difficult than nursing, as the focus must be on a specific practice. An example of a specialty area is physical therapy, which focuses on the treatment and prevention of injuries, diseases, and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. One example of a specialization area is clinical nursing, which addresses the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and medical conditions. A nursing administrator may specialize in one or more of these areas, depending upon the school’s specific requirements.

As mentioned previously, the length of time and number of years of experience are very important factors in establishing a nurse salary range. In addition to time spent in training, it is also important to consider the number of relevant certifications held by the health nurse. Earning relevant certifications requires a certain amount of study time and may take several years to achieve. Many hospitals or health care agencies will have a list of relevant certifications that must be met before obtaining certification. By working hard and studying diligently, nurses can achieve salary ranges that exceed those of many experienced professionals with the same credentials.

Establishing a Nursing Salary Range
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