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How Students Can Prepare for the Engineering Exam

The essentials of engineering exam, also known as the Engineer in Training examination, and in some cases as the Engineering Intern examination, is actually the first of two exams that prospective engineers must pass to become licensed as an Engineer in the United States under the National Council for Accreditation of Engineering Accrediting Agencies (NCAE). This examination is administered by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) at the end of their Education Program in Engineering. The examination measures a candidate’s knowledge about all areas of engineering and is typically taken after the end of the second year of engineering classes. Candidates will need to take the examination upon enrollment at an accredited college or technical school. Students may choose to take the exam online, via mail, or in person at a testing site.

Candidates wishing to take the examination must pay a fee to register, and many elect to have the exam online. Online registration is usually free. In person attendance is usually required for a fee, but candidates can save money by purchasing a NCCA Engineering Internship which allows them to work in the examination hall while receiving monetary assistance for living expenses while they attend class. Online courses allow students to study anytime, anywhere, but studying at a college or technical school requires that students be available for a fee.

There are several different ways to pay for the exam. Students can pay through financial aid offered by institutions like Indiana University, ITT Technical Institute, or the U.S. Department of Education, or they can pay for the exam through the NCAA itself. Students can also pay for their examination through credit card debt, student loans, or a combination of sources. Students may also contact their local Indiana State Board for Professional Licensing or NCEES for specific assistance with payment.

Every four-year university in Indiana offers its own version of its own examination, known as the Engineering Exam. The exams cover all of the courses taken in each semester and track one’s progress toward graduation. Students need to pass this exam before earning a degree from an Indiana university. Two of the four examinations, the written and practical, must be passed before a student may graduate. Other requirements, such as state licensing and NCEES certification, are based upon the type of engineering course taken.

Students who wish to take the engineering exam must first complete their first two years of college before taking the exam. All students must register for the exam, pay a fee, and complete a specified number of engineering study guides before taking the exam. Students who successfully pass the exam and earn their Bachelor’s degree earn two years of engineering license from the Indiana University or its equivalents.

The four primary sections of the Engineering Exam include the physical sciences and mechanical and electrical principles, chemistry, biology, and physics. Students need to review these sections in detail before taking the exam. The physical sciences examine the core subjects of calculus, algebra, geometry, radiation on campus, and physics. Mechanics and electrical principles exam examine the concepts of mechanics, kinematics, fluid mechanics, and electricity.

The chemical and biological engineering classes examine their topics in a thorough manner. Both of these categories require a great deal of laboratory work and often test students on their familiarity with chemical terms, their knowledge of biological methods, and their knowledge of management information systems. Students will need to review the sections of mathematics such as algebra, analysis, calculus, trigonometry, and probability. These sections of the exam study guides are available from the Indiana University Office of the Dean of Engineering.

Students need to pass the engineering exam in order to earn their Bachelor of Science degree. Exams are available at test centers in Indianapolis and throughout the rest of the state. Students can take the exam online through Kaplan, College, Exam+ International, and TestMaster. There are also local tutoring centers that offer engineering practice exams and detailed guide on study strategies.

How Students Can Prepare for the Engineering Exam
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