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How to Get My Real Estate License – Step by Step Guide

Every real estate broker in California has the same request. They want you to know how to get my real estate license and get started in real estate marketing. It’s a given. The best way to get your license though is by proving that you are able and willing to take the licensing exam. There are ways to pay someone to do this for you but let’s explore some options first.

I have found that if you go down to your local college and look at their website, they will have an application for how to get my real estate license. You can call the office of licensing and find out how to apply there or you can apply online right from their website. Some places like the California State University also have an application on their website. This way you can get the ball rolling much faster. You will want to fill out the application with your personal information and all the licensing information too.

Next you want to write out every school you have attended. Include the name of the school, dates and any awards or honors received. These things may not be included on your license, but they should be on your resume. If you have had a lot of self-study, this process will be a lot shorter and painless.

You should also look up any courses that you have taken online and find out if they count. If they do, then you have completed the first step on how to get my real estate license. The next step is to research all of the classes that you have taken and make sure you pass any of them. This could be hard especially if you took online classes since most schools will not report your grades to the state board.

Next you need to make sure you have a portfolio in your possession. You can go to most financial institutions and obtain a portfolio for your own property. This portfolio will need to show that you know how to manage your finances, own property, and make smart investment decisions.

The last thing you want to make sure you have accomplished is getting your education. You can attend night school if you so desire, or you can get an online degree. There are schools available that will help you earn an online degree or certificate in as little as two years.

One last step in learning how to get my real estate license is to go back to your local county clerk and ask them what you need to do in order to obtain your license. In many areas you will be exempt from having to get professional licenses. You will want to make sure that you at least have a business license. Some areas require that you first get a HVAC license before you can apply for a license.

If you are planning on learning how to get my real estate license there are some great courses available. Some of these courses will cost quite a bit of money, but they will provide you with the information you need to become licensed. Some of the courses that are available can be found by searching with your favorite search engine. Try Google, MSN, or whatever you prefer in order to locate courses that will teach you how to obtain a real estate license. Once you learn how to get my real estate license you will not have any problem finding your perfect real estate agent and building your dream home.

How to Get My Real Estate License – Step by Step Guide
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