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How to Study For Your Social Science Exam

For students preparing for the social sciences, taking an exam can often be intimidating. There is no doubt that taking the exam is part of the process to earn a degree in this field, and it can be an indicator of how well you‘ve prepared. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to prepare for your social science exams.

One of the most important things you can do before you sit down to take a social science course is to thoroughly review any college prep courses you’ve taken. You want to be sure that all of the topics you learned in college have been covered. Take a look at your English classes, for example. Were you taught how to analyze a variety of texts? Did you learn about historical and cultural perspectives? These are all important parts of understanding the world we live in today.

Next, ask your high school colleagues for advice and input regarding college preparation. Your AP classes, for instance, probably covered many of the same topics. Try to find people who are similar in age and who also studied the same courses. Use these peers as your sounding board. They can give you insight on what you might not have known. They can also give you advice on which sections to focus on during the tests.

While you’re in college, consider getting some tutoring to help you study. The most effective tutors are those who spend a lot of time with their students. They should be able to help students organize their notes, determine what they understand, and apply that knowledge when they are studying.

Finally, review the text yourself. Try reading through it a few times to make sure you understand it. What stands out as you read the text? Is the meaning clear and concise? Are the points you are learning difficult to understand?

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How to Study For Your Social Science Exam
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