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How to Write a Dissertation That Is Worth a Ph.D.

A dissertation is also known as dissertation subject matter or dissertation abstract. A dissertation is a written document submitted in behalf of candidature for admission of an academic degree, professional qualification or certificate presenting the author’s research and facts. It must be executed with considerable attention to details and be written in such a manner that it will stand out in the competitive exam environment. Dissertations are similar to artistic masterpieces in the sense that both require adequate planning, research, and writing skills. No matter how well you are able to present your arguments, if your dissertation lacks the quality and standard, it would definitely have a poor outcome.

In order to get your dissertation accepted, you need to write a masterful title page and table of contents. In the process of writing your thesis, you must bear in mind some important aspects such as the theme of your dissertation, your reasons for writing it, the audience, the limitations placed on your research work by your thesis committee, the university’s requirements and the like. Your dissertation title page and table of contents should be original, unique, comprehensible, well organize, and error free. Your supervisor can help you with these aspects.

After completing dissertations, your supervisor will carry out a literature review to assess the extent of your research, sources, and references. The literature review will involve comparing and contrasting the existing research in terms of methodology, samples, or relevant theory. You can benefit from the literature review by preparing a chapter by following a logical order outlining the main ideas of your dissertation. As much as possible, you should analyze previous works written in the same theoretical framework as yours. However, you cannot base your chapter solely on the works of other authors.

Once your dissertation has been approved, you will receive an enrollment notice from your PhD program or from the Doctoral Student Council (DPSC). You should enroll for the Clinical Psychology and workshop. The workshop is conducted twice yearly and focuses on new research methods, samples, sample problems, practice, and assessment. It will enable you to present your dissertation at the workshop. The dissertation editing services will help you with the editing and proofreading of your dissertation during the workshops.

The dissertation can contain two types of dissertations. The first one is referred to as empirical dissertations, which involves gathering data and performing an actual study to support your main argument. Whereas the second one is called conceptual or evaluative dissertations, which is used to determine the significance of your main argument based on available data. Some PhD programs will accept a limited number of empirical dissertations that are used for the Master’s level dissertation. However, all empirical dissertations must be submitted together with a thesis.

Another good idea if you have to write a dissertation is to join a professional association that has many members. Professional associations tend to be very supportive and will give you lots of help and advice especially if you are starting out in a different university. Being in such an association helps you build up a network of colleagues and can give you valuable assistance with your academic work. Moreover, some associations also conduct workshops and seminars where expert speakers are invited to talk about their specific areas of expertise and give out fresh and innovative ideas that are applicable to your field of study.

If you have decided to write a dissertation, then it is time to decide what kind of dissertation you need to write. Basically, there are three types of dissertations that you can choose from depending on the subject area you chose to specialize in. For example, a dissertation on African art or history will need to include original research in the area, whereas a dissertation on molecular biology will not. If your topic of interest is human genetics, you can opt to write a dissertation on this topic, whereas one on the medical aspects of health will require original research. Other topics include industrial engineering (such as mechanics, production, information technology, etc) and mathematics, which may not need to include original research.

You can hire a dissertation committee to help you in writing your dissertation. Although no special background is necessary for this, it is always helpful to have someone who can offer useful suggestions that will better your chances of success in the dissertation writing process. A dissertation may require extensive research and in this case, the help of a dissertation adviser is advisable. The adviser can also point out any errors that you might have made in your research or in the drafting of your thesis.

How to Write a Dissertation That Is Worth a Ph.D.
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