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How to Write My Strategic Management Essay

A few months back, I was asked to write a strategy essay for a company and the admission panel asked if I had any previous experience in strategic management. My response to this was “For college credit, I write a strategic management essay.” The admission panel looked puzzled and asked me why I should waste time writing an essay for a company that was unprofessional. After explaining that it was an elective, I was still asked why I should write it if the company was not going to hire anyone for the job.

As it turns out, writing a strategic management essay is not as difficult as one might think. There are consultants and writers that can help a new writer understand how to put together a solid essay. Additionally, there are sample essays and even some “do it yourself” guides on the internet that will help someone write their own essay. A few days later, I received an email from the admission staff of the company I work for that asked me to write a thank you essay for an applicant who had interviewed for a managerial position.

When I read the email, I was impressed with their tone and the questions they had directed at me. Their first question was, why I should write a strategic management essay instead of just a letter of application. This makes sense to me because one of the requirements for a management position is that one has an understanding of the strategic planning process. Now that I have completed my college courses, I realize that this is a requirement.

In addition, there are a number of stakeholders within the company that need to be included in the strategic planning process. A key performance indicator helps keep everyone on track with the objectives of the company. I realized that my history and educational background did not help me to adequately explain the role of strategic planning to my potential employer.

When I began to write the essay, I was able to provide the employer with some of the information they were seeking. I explained how the strategic plan functioned within the overall organization. I provided examples of how the company had succeeded by creating an effective and efficient strategic plan. I also provided the employers with a list of previous articles that reflected the direction that the company was going.

After completing the assignment to write my strategic plan, it became clear that I could not just write a simple essay on the subject. I had to take time to think about the topic. I reviewed some of my past articles to review how the company had succeeded. I wrote several more drafts based on the feedback I received. During the final draft, I had to make a few minor changes to the strategic plan to better explain its purpose and to meet the needs of the employer.

In preparation for this, I spent quite a bit of time researching the topic. In addition, I spoke with several people who had written their own essays on the same issues. Most of the time, my research provided the facts and detailed information that I needed to write my strategic management essay. The research that I used came from a variety of sources including newspapers, books, the Internet, and the government. Although I used several resources to compile my research, it was still a relatively easy task to do.

Writing a strategic plan is important. If you want to get into the upper echelon of management, or if you want to be considered for a leadership position, you need to create a comprehensive strategic plan. In addition to learning how to write my strategic management essay, you will learn how to develop a comprehensive and actionable strategic plan. You will learn what steps you need to take to ensure that your company is successful.

How to Write My Strategic Management Essay
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