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Is it Possible to Make My Exam Live?

Is it possible to make my exam live on the Internet? I have just returned from my university and spent a lot of money on my college life. I have taken countless hours of online classes and read hundreds of research papers and books. During all of this time, I have never asked myself “can I take my exam live?” This came as a complete surprise to me and I want to share my experience with others who are beginning their college lives.

The Internet has changed the way we do many things today. I did not think possible that I could take an exam, answer questions and grade papers all over the Internet. However, in recent years there have been many colleges and universities that have made their programs available online. They allow people like you and me to take our tests online and do live examination and live testing.

I was very skeptical about taking my online college course and thought to myself “is it possible to make my exam live on the Internet?” My doubts were confirmed when I began attending classes a few weeks later. My first night at class I went over to the online chat group that the instructors used to communicate with their students. I was shocked by the fact that many of the students were taking their exams during their lunch break! I had never seen so many people go outside during the day to eat and then come back to study!

The instructors were so helpful. I found out later that they do make use of webcam video cameras in order to better see their students. During this period they also show live pictures of the questions and answers. Once the class was dismissed for the day, I visited the faculty office and asked about these new features. The department head told me about them and then explained to me how they worked. I found it to be quite impressive.

During the first week of classes, I was able to watch all of the lectures and take notes on my own. This made it easier for me to forget about the times I had to be anywhere with my classmates. I started taking the mock test the following week and I was surprised with how good I performed. I passed with flying colors!

During the first few weeks of taking the mock exam online, I encountered some difficulty. I found that I was getting tired very quickly, just like when I took the actual exam. But after some practice I was able to get over it. It helped that there were other people taking the test with me. I shared my concerns with another student and she suggested that I give the online test a try.

I was very impressed with the instructors and the quality of the materials. Most of the questions that appeared on the screen were the same ones that appeared during the live exams. There were also questions that had to be answered in a specific manner or they would fail. The instructors made it very easy for students to understand the material and prepare for the real exam.

In the last week of taking the online mock exam, I felt almost like a pro. I had a better idea about what kinds of questions would appear on the exam. I also knew the types of answers that I needed for every question. And I was prepared for the time I was going to need to review for the test.

Is it Possible to Make My Exam Live?
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