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Law School Case Studies

Students are advised in lectures and in class to do case studies throughout their academic careers. This is because it is an excellent method of learning and strengthening concepts that students have not yet had a chance to learn about. In fact, it is extremely important for students to study case studies, as these are extremely useful in developing a solid understanding of how different legal systems across the globe work. Case studies help students gain a thorough understanding of legal situations, and they also help them develop arguments and cases that would make those cases stronger.

The case studies in your Students’ handouts folder can be approached in two distinct ways. The first is a topical discussion of all of the case studies covered during your semester’s lectures. The second has students role play in a mock court room hearing, using actual case study questions and legal forms.

The most successful way to approach your Students’ Handouts is to allow them to contribute to a chapter or two on a case study topic that pertains to their studies. For example, if you are teaching the history of contract cases in your case studies, let your students take a case study on an infamous case study topic. On their research results page, they will be allowed to put a summary of that case study and discuss their findings about it. This is the best method of allowing students to explore case study topics. Students will have a much easier time developing a strong case study if they are given free rein to write about them.

You can even encourage this free rein of brainstorming by placing a question mark beside each case study topic. Such a prompt could, for example, ask them to brainstorm five different ways to tackle the problem of child abuse. At the end, you can give them a small puzzle piece with a relevant solution to each case study question. Students will be thrilled to complete a case study and their homework because of all the useful information they will be obtaining.

Case studies are great teaching tools for lawyers, because they are full of real life knowledge and experience. In a legal situation, attorneys often do not have all the facts. A case study is a valuable asset to lawyers who are under pressure to gather facts and evidences within a short time frame. It helps them build up good working relationships with their clients. Case studies allow students to practice their case studies skills on the fly.

One reason why students should use case-study topics is to help them develop their critical thinking skills. The critical thinking skills come in handy in courtrooms where the lawyer is asked to make persuasive arguments to support their client’s cause. Good lawyers do not mumble when answering a question; they are able to formulate intelligent answers that are usually right on target. Likewise, good lawyers are good at pointing out flaws in other’s arguments.

There are a number of online websites that offer ready made case study topics. Students can benefit from taking a look at these before sitting down to write their own case study. Most case study topics online will give students examples to follow. Writing good research papers is no small task. Students who do not pay attention to what they are writing may find themselves missing a golden opportunity.

The best way for students to take advantage of case-study opportunities offered by law schools is to find a professor that already has an interest in the particular subject that they are researching. Many professors offer assistance to students in completing their case study. This is especially important if the case will be taught at the law school level. Law students should also take advantage of online resources such as websites devoted to law. Some law school websites provide links to page links to outside websites that have case study topics.

Law School Case Studies
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