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Learning the Basics of the Course Exam

Every university or college these days conducts a Financial Accounting and Reporting course for its Accounting majors. This class is a pre-requisite for every incoming Freshman and it is also one of the first subjects chosen by the students. Some choose this course because they want to learn about management, how to analyze financial documents, and the basic accounting practices that go on in companies. Others simply choose it because they want to be good accountants.

The purpose of the course exam is to test an individual’s knowledge of accounting principles and practices. Prior to the exam, students will need to prepare for questions that deal with accounting concepts and principles, Auditing, Costing, Gaining, Measurement and Reporting, Organization, Real Estate, Risk, Pricing, Principles of Programming and Accountancy and Internal Control Testing. There are over 120 different accounting theory and practice topics that will be covered on the exam paper. The questions are grouped into three main sections: Financial Accounting and Reporting, Auditing and Assurance, and Principles of Programming and Accountancy. Students will need to get acquainted with the terms mentioned in these sections in order to pass the examination with a good score.

Students will need to have their financial statements ready before taking the exam. This includes income from all working expenses and sources, bank account details, cash flow analysis, balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and other financial ratios like PEG ratio, ratios of revenues to expenses, assets to liabilities, and other numbers that will help the examiner to determine the financial condition of the business. Most students prepare their statements verbally so they may forget a single item or document while rechecking their answers. However, they can get help from their professors who are allowed to check the questions. Professors will also give hints and tips for students so they will get the right answers.

It would be helpful if students could get some tips from previous exam takers. A good way to get some practice is through taking the practice tests that are available on the web site of The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (TASC), an accrediting body of major business schools. Students can register online. Upon registration, they can access the questions that will be asked on the test. Students will be able to see the format in which questions will be asked. They will also get practice test questions that they can answer from scratch to gauge their level of knowledge.

There are a number of books that will be needed by students. They can borrow these from the library. However, students will need to make sure that they get only the books that were purchased from the market directly. These books are usually helpful for studying and preparing for the exam.

Students will have a series of decisions to make during the course. Each choice will have a dollar amount that it will represent. For example, each student will have to choose how much each item in the budget should cost. Decisions will have to be made on whether or not a business should purchase new equipment. Decisions must also be made on whether or not a business should make cutbacks to its current personnel. These types of decisions often lead to controversial decisions where individuals may differ on the best course of action.

When choosing the books that will be needed by the students for the course, students need to ensure that they choose only books that will be easy to read and understand. Some of the books that will be required for the exam include: Fundamentals of Business Accounting, Concepts of Accounting, Principles and Practice of Accounting, and Auditing and Control Examination. Students will need to purchase the books that they download from the website. It is important to ensure that the books that are downloaded are current and up-to-date. Most of the online courses will require the students to complete an exam before they can successfully register for the course.

The accounting for decision making course is designed to help students prepare for their professional licenses and certifications. The process of obtaining these certifications takes time, and students should take all classes offered in the order that they are given. The class requirements and exam will determine when students must take the course in order to satisfy their requirement for obtaining their professional certifications.

Learning the Basics of the Course Exam
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