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MBA Colleges Admission Information

MBA (Master of Business Administration) exam is a very tough exam and every year thousands of students from different countries to try to get their entrance tests. Every year some institutes organize their own entrance exams for the students. For the students who are not able to afford for these expensive fees, there are several tips and hints for you to get your MBA degree without going outside your budget.

The first thing that most students do is to search for the answer of every question on the MBE part 1. They will be solving many kinds of MBE questions depending upon the level of the exam. Some of the most common questions that are included in the exam include Questions regarding Market surveys, competitive analysis, market research, introduction to accounting etc. So if you really want to do well in this examination, you need to do proper research about the topics and the subjects that you are going to appear for. Most of the candidates when they appear for the MBA exam, they often make wrong decisions regarding some of the basic things.

Most of the candidates do not know the types of MBE questions. You can find all the types of MBE questions on the MBE website. The candidates who are confident of facing the test should prepare well before appearing for the exam. If you are able to understand and solve all the questions in all the sections of the MBA examination then you have actually faced the moderate difficulty level exam.

Now let’s move on to the second section of the MBE exam, which is the National Merit Management Exam or National Technology Transfer Examination or NMAT. The most difficult section of the MBE exam is the National Technology Transfer Examination. The exam is divided into three parts and each of these parts is based upon a different subject. The first part consists of two main areas, which are Brief Technology Transfer Review (BTTR) and the Review of Contract Administration Services (RCAS). The second area includes four sub-topics, which are Contract Administration Services (CAS), Contract Procurement Management and Software Development. You can expect the questions in the first two areas to cover the key topics of project management, which includes budget management, forecasting, schedule management and cost analysis.

It is interesting to note that in the past, the scoring of the National Merit Management Exam depended on the last year marks. The present MBE exam now uses a new scoring system, which is called the Shared Scores Formula. This formula has been developed after analyzing the performance of many students across different types of MBE exams. The formula uses the last years results and also the average marks obtained by students in the core subjects. The results of the formula are updated every four years so that the present students will be able to know their ranking.

The testing window for the MBE is six months from the last date for the main exam. Students need to log on to the MBE website during the six month period and follow the instructions offered on the site. In case you fail to log on during the six-month period, you will not be allowed to take the test.

The next step that you need to take care of is contacting the colleges that are involved in the MBE exam. They will be able to give you more information about the admission process and the application procedure. The admission procedure differs with different colleges. The common entry level management entrance exam is for the candidates who have a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification.

The admission process will be conducted according to the calendar. For instance, if it is an important exam, it will be conducted a few months before the close of the exam. All mba colleges conduct an entrance exam for students who are seeking admission within the four year MBE program. Those who pass the test and get an MBA degree earn the ‘MBA’. An MBA degree is a great option for anyone looking for better career opportunities.

MBA Colleges Admission Information
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