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Principles of Management Exam Question

What are the principles of management exam? It is a test given to a person aspiring to be a manager. These days, you do not have to attend a prestigious university or college in order to prepare yourself for this exam. In fact, it is made more practical by the fact that the rules change every year so that the material will be different and the questions will be different as well. In order to study and prepare yourself for this exam, you have to study the principles of management first.

The principles of management exam consists of three important books. The first one is The Principles of Corporate Behavior. This is a book written by Robert Kaplan and David Norton. These two authors studied the principles of management in business. They came up with this book in 1990 because they felt that there was a need for a book like this one.

After their research, they realized that the principles of management exam were mainly about the behavior of managers towards their subordinates and clients. Therefore, they wrote a second book called The Psychology of Management. This book contained the results of their first study and theory that managers are motivated by something called situational reasoning. The third book is called The Principles of Business Conduct. This is a book written by Dow Chemical. Dow Chemical is one of the major companies of the world today and its principles of business conduct were based from these studies and from listening to what the other managers say.

Based on these principles and the theories mentioned above, test-takers were then given a test regarding the knowledge they needed to pass the exam. The test gave the taker in a certain amount of practice questions. In every question, one must know the principle or the assumption that they base the answer with. If they do not know the principle or assumption, they should either give the real answer or provide a good reason why they answer it that way. As long as they know the principle or assumption, they will be allowed to answer the question.

There are three principles of management that they study. They are primarily known as the Taylor Principle, the Bar-On Principle and the Belmont Principle. The Taylor Principle is actually an economic concept wherein they assume that managers will create changes in the economy if there is a positive correlation between the two. The Bar-On Principle, on the other hand, assumes that if there is a negative correlation between the two, there will be no changes. Lastly, the Belmont Principle assumes that a manager will tend to act in the same manner regardless of the situation. These are just some of the principle of management that the MBE exam focuses on.

The MBE uses a five-step study process. The first step in the process is a case study. It includes actual scenarios that have already happened in the company. The next step is to conceptualize what these scenarios could possibly mean for the future. The third step is to analyze and study the consequences of the different scenarios. Lastly, in order to test the validity of the concept, the company has to study all the effects and then create a conclusion.

It is not easy being a manager today. Especially, when there are so many challenges. Many believe that the principles of management only emphasize how the company as a whole can affect the performance of a single manager. However, this is not true. There are principles of management that talks about the effects of managers within and without the workplace.

In the MBE theory section, one must pass an analytical essay that consists of five statements and five argumentative paragraphs. The essay is worth three pages, which is one of the tougher sections in the exam. Once one has passed the test, one then has another two months to write a leadership essay. In the essay, one must elaborate on one main concept or theory and support it with direct quotes from a leading authority or other sources.

Principles of Management Exam Question
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