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Take My Real Estate Primary Markets Quiz

I’ve got a quiz that I need to take to find out where I stand in my real estate. It’s on the General Ledger (GLS), and it shows where I am compared to other people in my market. I was curious to know what kind of questions were on it, and who would have the best chance of helping me with this. The first question is, “When will you test your knowledge about real estate?”

After we got the GLS, I went ahead and downloaded it onto my computer. Since it is so organized, I was able to easily find the sections that cover my market and the parts that I need to study. I was a bit skeptical at first about taking such a serious investment such as real estate investing, but the more that I researched it the more I realized how much potential it has for me. Even if I don’t think that I’ll ever use it to invest in real estate secondary, it does help me a lot to see where I stand.

I decided to take my real estate primary question and study it on my own. I purchased a copy of the General Ledger and printed it off. I also had a look at my county’s tax returns, because that is a very good indicator of what is happening in my local area. Now the next part of the question asked me if I had ever considered hiring a mortgage consultant to help me out. I looked at the list of places that are associated with the GLS and selected two: RealtyTrac and Bank of America.

I looked up Bank of America because it is the largest bank in my state. I know that it pays payroll taxes, so my assumption was that it would pay someone to do my taxes for me. However, Bank of America does not have an Online Accounting system. They had a branch office in my city, but they are a “service” branch and not a “branch office” so to speak. So I called them and spoke to someone who was in-charge of their Online Accountants division.

I explained that I had been looking for an accountant who specialized in Real Estate. I asked him if he could get me set up with an Online Accountant that would allow me to get free checks sent to my home every month. He told me that he did not know of anyone in his department. I asked him how much it would cost to get this done. He told me it would not be cheap, but that he could speak with someone who specialized in Real Estate and get me set up.

The next part of the quiz concerned my home. The question was asking if I had a lot of different properties. I informed the realtor that I did, and she gave me a list of the properties that were my primary businesses. These were my condominiums, town houses, single family homes, and small properties like houses and apartments.

The last part of the quiz was about credit scores. The person who was helping me with my Free Check Sample Survey asked me if I had ever considered getting a Free Copy of my Real Estate Prospectus. I had not yet gotten one, so I asked him why. He explained to me that I was supposed to have one before signing any contracts, but I already had my mortgage and everything was under negotiation so there wasn’t time to get anything else set up.

Now you know the answer to the above question that I gave in my Free Check Sample Survey. Yes, I do take my real estate primary markets quiz every month, and I have almost all of them. The reason I keep doing them is because I use them to see what is working and what is not. The more time you spend looking at your properties in the primary markets, the more successful you will be. And, you are going to make money in the long run!

Take My Real Estate Primary Markets Quiz
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