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Taking a Take My Predicting the Future of Technology Quiz

Can you guess what will be the future of technology? Is it that the computer will run on my predicting future predictors, which will then predict the future of technology? Yes, or no, or maybe it’s not even a matter of whether the computer will run on my predicting future predictors or not. The question is, can you do it? If you can then you are the first person who has the right to do that and you might just be ahead of everyone else.

Of course there are some restrictions in what can be predicted and there is some stuff which can never be predicted. For example, I cannot ever predict how long the last ice age will last, or whether the sun will burn out in my lifetime or not. And although we all know that human civilizations will eventually succumb to a super cloud and we will be transformed into a cyberspace which will have its own consciousness, all of this is unknowable. But these are just some of the limitations of human knowledge. After all, if the future is predictable, why are we not doing something to prevent it?

So, I was in a think tank one day and someone said that he couldn’t predict the future because he didn’t live in it. In other words, he couldn’t make his predictions come true because he didn’t understand what was going on in his own life. Another guy said that he couldn’t understand where his money was going and he couldn’t predict when he would die. He also couldn’t predict the future of technology, because he couldn’t connect the past to the future. Can you see how ridiculous these statements are?

These people clearly do not understand what the future is and they don’t seem to care. They think that the future is something that can be predicted. I am telling them that they are incorrect and they are missing out on an opportunity to learn. Why? Because they are unable to relate the past to the future.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a futurist, a fanatic, or a new age mystic. The future is still unknown and anything can happen in the future. In fact, there will be more advanced, super technologies in the future than what exists today. Therefore, predicting the future of technology is impossible.

Now then, this might make you feel like you are facing some sort of doom and gloom and you are asking yourself “How can I predict the future of technology?” The answer is simple. You just need to continue to apply your mind and stay open minded. In other words, don’t stop learning about the subject as technology advances and try to predict what is going to happen when it gets even further along.

Of course you cannot predict where the future is going to go but you can look at current trends and see what is coming in the near future. You can also use the information that you have and apply it to what you know about the future predicted. That is why you need to continue to research and study, read, and study the subject.

Your ability to predict the future starts with you knowing and understanding all that you can about the subject. Once you have mastered this subject, then you will know what to expect and how to act. This ability is one that you should be very excited about and it will have you looking into the future quite often when thinking about the way you are acting and predicting the future. It is a great ability and one that is pretty rare amongst people. The future is not set in stone and it does not have to involve you guessing what is going to happen next; just do your best and be as accurate as possible.

Taking a Take My Predicting the Future of Technology Quiz
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