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Taking an Online Strategic Management Quiz

I’ve given out free online tests for several years now and one question I’ve consistently asked is “How would you evaluate my Online Strategic Management Quiz?” The simple answer is, “You’d have to pay someone to do it.” After all, no one wants to spend time or money on something that really doesn’t add any value. The problem is that this isn’t a simple question; there are many complicated topics and ideas involved in making the most effective strategic plan. If you don’t know what you’re doing it can cost your business or career.

I recently had to do an assessment of my own company’s performance relative to their peers. I was shocked at how poor our performance was! I wasn’t sure how we could turn things around so I asked a group of business people to take an online test and provide me with their comments and thoughts. What I found was that although there were similar weaknesses across all the companies I surveyed, not one of them was fixed. That tells me that my approach to that question was wrong and that it was time to pay someone to do an assessment rather than conduct aeless strategic management exam.

A couple of months ago, I did an online survey in order to solicit some ideas from strategic planning experts. Some of those in the survey had never conducted a strategic management test and weren’t familiar with them. Others knew all about online tests, but didn’t have time to take one. Still others didn’t even know that such tests were available. It’s clear that there are a wide variety of opinions when it comes to conducting an online strategic management test.

One of the questions on the quiz concerned the difference between conducting an online strategic management exam and conducting a classroom course. The latter seemed obviously more effective. However, some participants made the claim that it was harder to understand and learn things when you’re taking it online, rather than attending an actual university class. Others said that they couldn’t always make it to university classes because of work or family commitments. Clearly, the participants in the survey didn’t understand these factors.

That leads me to the next question. Can anyone really take my online strategic management exam? Some participants suggested that they would be willing to pay someone to take it for them. Others were unwilling to pay for the knowledge. Still others said that they would pay someone to take the test for them. Based on my research, there seems to be a significant difference between paying someone to take my online test and paying for a university degree in strategic management.

Universities and professional organizations have been offering degrees in strategic management for decades. An accredited online degree program in this field can usually be obtained in two years or less. There is no better time to take a strategic management course than right now, while you’re unemployed. You’ll save money and time by taking the test when you’re not under pressure.

So what should you expect when you take my online strategic management quiz? Most people who take the test say that it was easy, and a very quick supplement to their existing knowledge. The typical questions posed to participants were difficult but easy enough that most people could complete them with a reasonable amount of preparation. Although some people said that they struggled a bit with one or two questions, many said that they were able to breeze through them.

My research indicates that you are better off choosing to take the test online rather than take a university course. In addition, since the test is easy and brief, taking it online gives you more time to revise and learn. In fact, you can even revise things after you take the exam! With so many choices and so little time to choose an online strategic management course, it makes sense that taking an online strategic management quiz is a great way to begin your education in this field.

Taking an Online Strategic Management Quiz
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