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Taking the Psychology Exam – Tips and Advice

The psychology exam can be intimidating if you have never taken it before. This isn’t a foolproof method of figuring out how to pass, but with some hard work and some assistance, you can definitely become a strong candidate for a psychology major. Even those who are qualified and ready to enter college may not be able to pass the AP exam for their major. There are a few ways you can prepare for the psychology exam and gain an edge over your competition.

The AP Psychology final score is calculated by adding the total number of correct answers for each section, then dividing by the total number of possible answers. For the free-response portion of the exam, the student must first answer a series of multiple-choice questions about basic behaviors and social behaviors. Once the student has correctly answered all of the questions in this section, they will gain a final score based on their correct answers and the answers they didn’t answer correctly.

A multiple-choice exam requires the student to determine how to interpret a set of true and false questions in order to reach a conclusion. This section is designed to test the student’s critical thinking and reasoning skills. Students will find that the free-Response section of the psychology exam is similar to multiple-choice tests in that there are multiple choices that must be made. However, in this section you will also see a multiple-part response, which makes the question more difficult and will require the student to apply logic and learn more than one answer for a correct answer.

The best way to study for the exam is to take practice tests and answer the questions that will be presented on the test. Taking practice tests is not enough because the questions asked on the exam are the same or very similar to those found on free-response questions on a typical psychology textbook. Taking practice tests with a friend who is a strong candidate for a psychology Ph.D. degree is a great way to get ready for the exam. Having someone to practice with and ask questions to will help both you and your friend are prepared for the real thing.

There are four parts to the free-response question portion of the exam. The first part is a set of multiple-choice questions, which is quite similar to the multiple-choice section of a typical college course. These questions are designed to test your ability to analyze material and make quick and accurate judgments based on the information that you are given. The second section consists of at least two essays that are written about a single topic and related to the topic being tested. The essay should be written in such a manner as to show you have insight into the topic while using proper grammar and spelling.

After the free-Response section there are the main essay and the concluding paragraph. In the main essay you will be asked to justify your opinion on a specific topic. You must provide a clear and concise answer to the question in order to score a correct. The essay’s goal is to assess your writing skills and your knowledge of the subject matter being tested. You may be asked to write one paragraph about the main point and then discuss each section of the essay one at a time.

For this course’s multiple-choice portion you will be asked to complete two to three multiple-choice questions. Your answers must be coherent and based solely on the facts that are presented in the textbook. It is not permitted to use your personal opinion in your answers. The scoring of your answer will be based upon how effectively you analyze and interpret the information that you are given. You may be asked to apply the concepts of classical conditioning and/or conditioning on a free-response questions.

The last portion of the exam involves the writing section. Here you will be asked to complete a paragraph on each of the topics listed in the textbook. In the paragraphs you will be asked to apply the concepts and explain how they apply to the material you have been given. If you are incorrect or make any corrections during this part of the exam you may be allowed a correction or the test can be continued.

Taking the Psychology Exam – Tips and Advice
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