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Tax Compliance Offices Must Be Followed Up On General Accounting Issues

A part time Comptrollers General and auditors are usually the first employees hired by the Comptrollers General. They have a broad range of responsibilities for the orderly administration of public funds. A Comptrollers General is responsible for the management and regulation of all public funds in the internal revenue service, internal enforcement of laws concerning tax, trust funds, and custody of assets, and other activities relating to the internal control of public funds. The Comptrollers General has broad authority over the preparation of reports and examinations related to the management of the internal control process. They report directly to the Comptroller General and the Inspector General.

The Comptrollers General generally appoints individuals from the Comptroller’s Office and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Appointment of Comptrollers Generals and their staffs require Presidential approval. The Comptroller General controls the examination of government programs and examinations conducted by agencies of the General Accounting Office. The examination of public funds by the Comptroller General and his staff is based on standards established by the Comptroller General.

The most important parts of the Comptrollers General duties include preparation of annual financial reports to Congress and the Executive Branch, and preparation of government programs and examinations for the executive branch. The most commonly used methods of examination are the three stages of review, recommendations, and audits. Reviews are done every year before the Comptrollers General gives his report to Congress. Recommendations are given when an audit finds an issue that requires correction. An audit can be performed by the comptroller general or the General Accounting Office.

Audits are conducted by the Comptroller General and his or her staff. Comptroller General also has the power to institute hearings, issue reports, and issue reports for the executive branch. To perform the audit work, the Comptroller General needs to have all necessary information in order to conduct the proper audit work. These are reports called the “statement of facts and opinions.”

General Auditing Services for Public Funding and Program-Related Requirements. The Comptroller General will also need to have certain specific information at hand such as a current version of the annual Federal Register, the latest Federal Income Tax laws, and the latest tax publications. In addition, he or she must be familiar with all federal agencies, State and local government programs, and relevant literature on program-related requirements. He or she will then have to conduct related requirements analysis.

Program-Related Requirements. The next thing that the comptroller general will have to do is to review relevant programs that require audit work. The audit requirements will vary from one agency to another. Some federal government programs may not require an individual to conduct an audit. In these cases, the comptroller general will just be responsible for advising the committees on the audit policies and procedures that should be followed.

Submissions to Congress and the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction. After conducting the audit of government programs under the supervision of the Comptroller General, he or she will then submit reports to both congressional committees and the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (JSCDR). The reports that the Comptroller General submits to these two committees must contain the auditor’s findings on each of the subject matter areas covered by the audit. However, the JSCDR is not required to perform any statutory analysis as part of this requirement.

Auditing the Federal Tax Administration. The Comptroller General will also have to examine the internal procedures of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS, together with the Department of the Treasury, is responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and regulations with regard to the Internal Revenue Code and Regulation 600-6 under the tax code. The IRS is also responsible for implementing policy directives contained in regulations and operating procedures. As part of its examination of general accounting practices, the Comptroller General will conduct an audit of the taxpayer return assurance programs and other measures implemented by the Internal Revenue Service to ensure tax compliance.

Tax Compliance Offices Must Be Followed Up On General Accounting Issues
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