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Understanding a Porctored Exam Lockdown Browser Hijack

One of the latest vulnerabilities discovered in Windows is a so-called browser hack, or, as some call it, a “porctored exam.” The term is probably not new, but is still quite unclear. Basically, this kind of hacking occurs when someone with malicious intent can create a bogus security result in the browser and trick the user into thinking that the system has been protected by an official add-on. After that, he can go ahead and install a virus or a keylogger, leaving the computer wide open to further attacks. How to avoid such browser hacks: If you regularly use Internet Explorer, and if your computer is running Windows Vista, don’t even think of trying this type of hack!

If you’re still using Windows XP, don’t even think of installing a browser hack. It will not only cause your entire system to be in an insecure state but also compromise your privacy. There’s no point in risking your privacy for the sake of a few dollars! When you’re about to take your Windows XP exam, get the upgrade to Windows 7 instead.

Don’t buy into the myth that there are a lot of security problems with Microsoft products. In fact, Internet Explorer is one of the most secure web browsers out there. Even though it’s not the fastest or the flashiest, it’s still one of the most reliable. Don’t be tricked into thinking otherwise by unscrupulous vendors. Microsoft has taken the necessary steps to keep Internet Explorer from being a weak link. Don’t be a sheep to fall for their tricks.

Another myth is that you have to be employed in order to take this kind of test. This simply isn’t true. You can also take it online at your own convenience. Since it can be done on a home computer, there’s no reason to hire someone to do it for you. You may feel more comfortable giving it a try on your own computer.

The other big myth is that you’ll be caught with malware on your computer. You won’t! Malware is different from spyware. Neither of them will cause damage to your computer or show up as a pop-up. Neither of them will cause your computer to halt work or stop working. You won’t be able to tell if a certain piece of software is actually harmful because of the way spyware works.

All these myths will hold you back from the powerful upgrade to Windows 7. If you’re thinking that your browser hack needs to wait until you finish school, then you’re wrong. There’s no way you can prepare for a Windows exam if you don’t have an actual computer. You need to prepare now, so that you can take advantage of this great new feature when you’re ready. You can find out everything you need to know about a proctored exam lockdown browser hack at my blog.

I’m not going to lie to you, there will be times when your browser gets stuck and you won’t be able to get through the first few pages of research. Don’t panic. It happens to everyone. But there’s no reason for you to spend countless hours waiting for the page to load. All you need to do is download a free malware removal tool right now and get over that pain.

Remember, you don’t have to pay for any spyware remover or malware detection program to clean up your system. There are plenty of freeware and shareware programs out there that will do the job for free. You can also save money by buying a good spyware detector program at your local computer store or online. Just make sure you buy one that’s easy to use and doesn’t require a long installation time. Scan your computer with that program once, and you’ll never have to deal with that nasty problem again.

Understanding a Porctored Exam Lockdown Browser Hijack
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