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What Are Placement Exams?

A placement exam, or placement interview, is usually a standardized test designed to gauge a prospective student’s preexisting aptitude for a particular subject and therefore determine the appropriate degree for that person to start courses on that subject. In some cases, online or distance learning programs may be exempt from these tests. In some cases, a placement exam is sometimes required when you apply to a university or college for admission. In both cases, you will need to pass this exam before entering the program. But what does it involve?

Normally, your advising appointment will prepare you for the placement exam. In most cases, you will have already completed your course work and will know in advance what you will have to do. This preparation is typically done in the form of lectures and tutorials provided by your advisor. Advisers will inform you of what types of questions to expect on the placement exam and what type of answers you should provide during the actual exam. You will also receive information about what to anticipate as you read ahead in the class materials.

After your scheduled advising session, you will be mailed your scores for the math placement exam. Typically, you will need to review the materials provided with the math course you chose for college entry. Your advisor will give you a copy of the placement test results and will tell you whether or not you passed. (If you passed, you must complete the math requirement or your advisor will not offer you a spot in the program.) If you failed, you will need to wait a reasonable amount of time before you can attempt the math placement exam again.

There are typically two types of scoring in the placement exam: raw act scores and new York tech code. New York tech code is typically referred to as “nursing recertification” or “nursing certification.” The score earned on the placement exam is referred to as raw act score. The raw act score is the numerical value that your mathematics meets in order to earn your nursing license in New York.

Once you have earned your nursing license in New York, you may take placement exams once a year in order to keep your mark level high. It is not required that you take placement exams for each and every type of math class that you entered but doing so will help you maintain a high nursing school GPA. Keeping your GPA high is extremely important if you plan to succeed in the field of nursing. Keeping your GPA at a high level will ensure you get first rate grades on all your college application essays and admissions essays.

When you earn your nursing degree in New York, you will need to pay attention to taking the placement exams. Most colleges require that you pass the math placement exam, but there are also schools that allow transfer credits if you have already passed this exam. Some schools, however, do not let you transfer credits if you have already taken the math placement exam. It is always best to check with each college or school to make sure you are allowed to transfer before you apply.

With the placement exams, you will be able to see which classes you need to attend in order to earn your credits for earning your nursing degree in New York. Many of these classes will be hard, meaning that you will need to spend several hours each week in class. Some of these classes will be easier than others, depending upon your abilities and how much time you have to devote to your studies. You can get help from your new school, your counselors and your parents. Your advisors will help you choose the classes that will allow you to earn your credits and finish out your studies quickly.

It is not mandatory that you attend a counseling session after passing your placement exams. It is up to you to determine whether or not you want to attend one of these sessions. If you decide to go to one of these sessions, your advisors will inform you of any classes you will need to complete to pass the exam. There is no cost to attend the counseling session, so you may as well take advantage of it. Your new school should also be able to provide you with some help with finding a good New York math placement exam.

What Are Placement Exams?
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