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What Is the Biomedical Technology Exam?

If you plan on taking the Biomedical Technology Exam, it is important that you are aware of some important information. First of all, when you decide to take this examination, you must be registered as a student of Biology. The school you attended will determine if you have successfully completed the course. The school may not require you to take this examination if you are not yet degree-granting; however, it would be wise to register so that you can get a feel of what is involved in taking the Biology technology exam.

In addition, there are various different formats for this type of examination. There are multiple choice format and some even offer multiple choice with multiple choice completion of a short answer portion. Many schools have created this type of examination to test students on their knowledge and the various branches of biology. You will need to examine your learning, retention and comprehension of the subject matter in order to score well on this exam. If you do not have enough prior knowledge of biology, then you should not attempt this exam.

During the technology exam, students are asked to answer several questions regarding the study of cells, DNA and proteins. It is a good idea to practice extensively before the examination. There are certain key topics covered in each section of the exam. For instance, in the Protein/RNA Panel section, students will be asked to demonstrate their understanding of how different types of nucleic acids are produced by living organisms. When it comes to DNA, students will be required to demonstrate their knowledge of the structure of DNA.

In the Biomedical Technology exam, students will be required to show their understanding of the human immune system. They will also be assessed on their knowledge of cellular biology and the role of microorganisms in both normal and abnormal tissue development. Students will have to understand cell function and how they function in order to pass this part of the exam. Throughout this portion of the course, students will also be expected to demonstrate their understanding of concepts such as anatomy, cells and tissues, reproduction, metabolism and homeostasis. There are two different sections that students can choose to take during this portion of the testing.

The Human Cellular Automated Response (HCR) test measures their ability to respond to stimuli in response to a variety of stimuli. This portion of the exam measures students on their ability to recognize and express pain and their ability to follow biological signals generated by outside sources. This portion of the exam can be challenging for students because the questions revolve around the analysis and interpretation of different types of signals in living organisms. Students who successfully pass the HCR exam will be considered excellent technicians in their field.

Students will need to successfully complete the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) portion of the exam. This section focuses on how students analyze and interpret data collected from biological samples. Students will use a variety of tools to assist them in completing the ABA portion of the exam. Students will have the opportunity to be presented with questions throughout the test that must be answered accurately and with minimal time pressure.

The Molecular Biology Exam measures a student’s knowledge in the structure and function of molecules, cells and organisms. This portion of the exam is extremely detailed and is required to be taken before entering the Medical College of Georgia. Students will have several options in completing this exam. They can access books and guides in order to study effectively. They can attend lectures, seminars or one-on-one sessions with an instructor in the field of molecular biology. Group study sessions are also available.

Biomedical Technologists must have strong written and oral communication skills in order to pass any type of exam. The topics and content covered in these tests are highly specialized and intricate. Students who successfully pass the BTM exam will be considered to be eligible candidates in their desired career field upon graduation. The Biomedical Technology Examination is one of only a select few accredited certifications in the United States.

What Is the Biomedical Technology Exam?
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