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Arts Degrees Help People Reach Career Goals

Art is a broad collection of human activities including the visual arts, literature, dance, and other artistic expression used to develop or display individual human ability, beauty, emotion, or creative thinking. The visual arts include art that makes a physical or visible object appear beautiful, remarkable, or appealing. For example, painting is an expressive activity using the senses to beautify a physical object. Music can be defined as the creation of sounds by the human voice or instrument. Drama is the process of presenting characters, emotions, plot, or setting in a dramatic way.

There are many ways to learn the arts such as through private instruction, taking a formal education, or working with the arts in a professional capacity. These options provide people with the opportunity to pursue excellence in the visual or performing arts. There are benefits to learning the arts including self-discovery, socialization, and personal growth. People are also able to gain new friends and become more connected to their community. Some arts careers have proven to be very successful such as acting, film and television, culinary arts, graphic design, music, and theater.

Getting a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in the arts offers many rewards such as career advancement, earning potential, and personal satisfaction. A degree in the arts allows students to pursue graduate or professional studies in virtually any area of the arts. Students may choose to study theater, graphic design, English/Spanish, creative writing, multimedia, or visual and performing arts. Most Bachelor’s degrees require general liberal arts courses such as philosophy, math, psychology, and social science. Some colleges and universities require students to fulfill an internship as well.

A Master of Arts (M.A.) requires a specific number of credits over the course of two years. This degree program focuses on professional study with the intention of attaining advanced degrees in the field. These degrees require three years of graduate-level coursework and concentrations in specific areas of the arts. Master of Arts degrees are competitive compared to bachelor and master’s degrees.

PhD in the arts is one of the most sought-after educational degrees. A PhD in the arts incorporates research, teaching, and professional development in the field. A PhD program is usually a three-year process where students must complete an original research while participating in supervised research and development. Students may also participate in program-based work experience and community development projects.

A Bachelor of Science (BS) in the arts combines theory with practice. An arts BS helps students develop leadership skills, problem solving abilities, and technical competencies. The BS degree is usually a two-year program; however, some schools offer a one-year option. Students must typically complete prerequisite courses such as mathematics, science, and social science.

Pursuing a BA, Bachelors, and Master’s degree can help professionals broaden their career horizons. Arts degrees can be applied to a broader range of careers by offering a deeper understanding of how the arts impact society. Arts degrees provide students with a foundation of information that they can use in their future careers. Some careers that may be influenced by the arts include visual communications, education, and performance, drama and dance, and theater.

It is possible to get arts degrees from traditional colleges, and there are a number of programs online. Online degree programs offer the same quality and variety of educational opportunities that traditional college classes provide. However, some people opt for online degrees because it is more convenient. Others take advantage of the flexibility of online programs to study part time or complete multiple degrees while working. There are a number of advantages to pursuing arts degrees online. They include the ability to work at a faster pace and have flexible schedules.

Arts Degrees Help People Reach Career Goals
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