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Quality Auditing

Auditing, unlike accounting, is not primarily concerned with the preparation of reports or statements. Auditors examine records and documents for evidence of any financial fraud, deceit or abuse. An auditor is often called upon to testify before a legislative or regulatory committee. The work of an auditor is to ensure that the tax system is not abused, the funds are appropriately invested and any possible losses are averted.

Most public sector organizations, as well as many private sectors, have their own internal audit committee. This is where the service provider’s internal audit department is located. An organization may have several auditors, or they may be a single, specialized company performing only specific types of audits. The scope of the audit work may include risk management, corporate governance, assurance programs, environmental auditing, compliance management, internal control, government regulation, internal business controls, and ethical issues.

There are several different types of auditing: supervisory, management, and end-side. Supervisory audits are mainly performed on behalf of senior management. Management audits are conducted to ensure that the activities of the senior managers comply with applicable standards and procedures. End-side audits are performed on behalf of the customer or client and these audits are usually performed in line with the requirements of the U.S. GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).

The most common mistake made by auditors is misstating financial facts and/or documentation. In most instances, an auditor will make an error when determining a company’s liability or assets. This is a legal requirement that must be addressed and corrected by an auditor before the company can apply for its financial rating. To prevent an auditor from making a legally incorrect conclusion, it is important to ensure that all documentation provided to the auditing firm is accurate and complete. If the company provides inaccurate or incomplete documentation, the FAs will alert the underwriter and the result can be a black mark against the company’s credit score.

Auditors also need to address other matters related to accounting standards and laws. They are required to investigate and address fraud, errors, and inconsistencies. They are also responsible for overseeing collections, preparation of accounting statements, preparation of internal control information, and review of the company’s compliance with international standards such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. The audit of these areas of accounting is known as risk assessment.

A financial statement refers to all the information a company must present to the public to meet its obligations. It includes all of the company’s financial records, including: sales price lists, purchase orders, inventory balances, and costs. The term material misstatements refers to an error in any material document or transaction that is deemed to be false or misleading at the time it is made. For example, an auditor may find that the cost of making an item was lower than it should have been, or that an item was sold to a customer who did not actually order it.

The auditor is responsible for ensuring that all of the financial statements and audit documentation are accurate and complete. All of the documentation must be gathered in a reasonable manner so as to provide a reliable picture of the company’s transactions. All of the audit documentation related to the financial statements and reports must be consistent with the requirements of the US GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).

Audits are usually performed by Certified Public Accountants (CPA). Their qualifications include at least a bachelor’s degree, professional experience, and years of practice as an accountant. The number of years of experience and the level of professional training required for CPA auditing typically depend on the nature of the business and its industry.

Quality Auditing
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