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Take My Money and Modern Capitalism – Is It All You Need?

A good portion of the book is taken up by discussing how modern capitalism has failed. Davenport faults modern capitalism for failing to provide basic justice and moral standards. Further, he argues that people in positions of power fail to use their position to promote justice. He goes on to list some instances where he believes this to be the case, such as the disregard of Native Americans for being “lesser” than white settlers. In addition, he contends that wages have been stagnant over the years and the minimum wage has failed to increase despite productivity growth.

The main thrust of Take My Money and Modern Capitalism is that businessmen and marketers like Donald Trump are entitled to take my money and invest in whatever they choose. This is because the system is designed to benefit businesses and allow them to take advantage of markets that would otherwise not be open to them. Furthermore, this doesn’t really help the economy. Further, Davenport contends that businesses can continue to take advantage of these unfair market dynamics until the system changes so that they cannot. His solution?

Davenport believes that if you want to change the current system you need to take a look at how modern capitalism and property works. Additionally, he should examine how the government runs the economy. Then he should take all of these things into consideration before attempting to alter them. Unfortunately, Davenport does not take into consideration that there are already too many government programs, many of which are inefficient, over bloated, and detrimental to capitalism.

Davenport also faults college students for accepting college loans with no regard for whether or not they will be able to pay them back or even at all. He further states that most students do not know what they will be doing 5 years down the road. If you really want to know how to take my money and modern capitalism, then you must put yourself in the shoes of the student, and not the banker, and work out from there.

Davenport also claims that those who are against take my money and modern capitalism are just greedy and selfish. Again, his analysis is faulty. Those who are against taking advantage of others and want freedom and abundance for all are not greedy. Those who think that all wealth creation is evil and can cause terrible problems in society are not selfish either. Instead, they are just protecting the majority of people who are suffering because of the effects of capitalism on their lives.

Davenport claims that people who take my money and modern capitalism are greedy because they would rather create something useful than work for a dollar. Yet, again his logic is flawed. For instance, it is possible to provide good services for ten cents, but it is not likely that anyone would pay you ten dollars to do it. It just wouldn’t make sense.

Further, those who say take my money and modern capitalism is the answer are correct in that it does allow entrepreneurs and small businesses to thrive and create wealth instead of spending all their time working to earn a dollar. However, it doesn’t allow individuals to take advantage of the wealth of large corporations that do not care about all humans, which is a false argument. Instead, it allows everyone the opportunity to receive opportunities that were previously unavailable.

Ultimately, Davenport’s argument is not wrong, it is just incomplete. Those who support take my money and modern capitalism are correct in one regard; it does allow those with capital to maximize their profits while preventing those without it from having as much. It just doesn’t allow for everyone to receive all the wealth created by capitalism. If someone wants more, they must work harder and smarter, not just take all the money available.

Take My Money and Modern Capitalism – Is It All You Need?
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