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Why I Should Not Wear Contacts During My Eye Exam

One of the biggest question I have received from readers is, “Why I should not wear contacts during my eye exam?” I get emails like this all the time. Most of these questions are related to one or more individuals that are considering purchasing contact lenses and are wondering if they should make that purchase or not. I will share with you why I should not wear contacts during my eye exam. This information will hopefully help you decide if you should consider making that purchase or not.

One reason that I do not recommend wearing contacts during your eye exam is the fact that there is a high level of discomfort associated with them. When you place those lenses in your eye your eyes become extremely dry and irritable. You are literally able to chew on the lens if you choose to do so. In addition, there are some people that actually experience a stinging sensation when they put the lenses in their eyes.

Another reason that I do not recommend these lenses is the fact that they can greatly alter your vision. In particular, people who wear a lot of contacts for short periods of time will often experience blurry vision. This means that you may have some problems seeing things at distances that you may see perfectly clear at closer range. You can also have problems seeing things at long distances.

Along with blurred vision you may experience problems focusing. When you are farsighted, you will notice that objects will be brighter. However, when you have astigmatism you will notice that objects will be dimmer. Therefore, you will need more distance to focus on the object than you normally do. This can make it difficult to read or drive safely while wearing a contact lens. It can also make it difficult to read small print and understand what is written on white boards.

Another reason that I do not recommend wearing lenses during my exam is because of the possible problems that could occur with them. One of the main issues that you will face is dry eyes. This is where the tears in your eyes do not come enough and you end up with watery, the majority of the time crusty looking tears. This can lead to irritation and pain around the eye area. You can also end up having a red, irritated and burning sensation in your eyes.

Another issue that you will end up facing is infection and inflammation of the eyes. If you do not use proper contact lenses, you could run the risk of getting infections and inflammation around your eyes. These can cause further damage to your vision. Plus if you are an astigmatism sufferer you will also run the risk of having the condition worsen if you wear contacts.

I do not recommend LASIK because it does not improve my vision at all. In fact it actually worsens it. What LASIK does is to reshape the cornea which does help with my vision but it does not improve it. The cost can be upwards of several thousand dollars. Plus the cost of the doctor’s visits, the time off work and the cost of the lenses.

As you can see there are many reasons why I should not wear lenses when I go into eye surgery. If I do not need my vision to be perfect I am better off without them. I know how important my eyes are to me. I value the importance of my vision above almost anything else. Plus the discomfort, inconvenience and pain that I have to go through while wearing contacts is simply unbearable. So I definitely will not wear lenses if I do not need my vision to be perfect.

Why I Should Not Wear Contacts During My Eye Exam
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