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How Will I fare on the Asian and Emerging Economies Exam?

Have you ever thought about doing an Asian or emerging economy placement test? If so, I am sure you know that they are very different than typical standardized tests you find in the United States. These tests are much more intense and a bit harder to take but, you can pass them and get a top quality education at the same time.

Typically, if you go to a traditional school, they will use a standardized form of testing called the TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language. These exams have been used for years and they are nothing more than a standard. If you are an American, you cannot take these tests. In order to even be considered for an application from a school outside the United States, you must be fluent in English.

An Asian or emerging economy is not like that. The test you take for your placement will assess you based on what you learned in school and what you are currently good at. You will be assessed on your English communication skills, your math skills, your social skills, your leadership skills and much more. It will not matter what type of job you have in any other country, these tests will still be administered. This means if you have a job in a new country, you can still take these tests.

One of the hardest things about these exams is the language skills. There is no way to guarantee you will be able to speak the language of whoever is judging you. Many people who have lived in Asia for years and then come to the United States to face this challenge. You will have to develop your speaking skills so that you can effectively communicate with those who will be judging you. Another thing to consider is the different culture within each country. While there may be similarities in certain aspects of your lifestyle, the differences in how your family speaks and communicates will come into play when taking this test.

Some of the things you need to prepare for in this type of examination questions about your work history, your personal life, your English communication skills and your values. The types of questions will vary depending on the type of employer you are applying for. Some of these types of tests will ask you to write about a current event in your life or reflect on a past experience you had. You also may need to write about something you did ten years ago.

Your chances of success greatly increase if you have strong English communication skills. When you go in for this type of job interview, they are going to be looking for an open mind about your past experiences and who you are as a person. Being prepared is going to help you immensely when it comes time for the actual exam. You will want to have a well thought out CV that reflects all of your skills and experiences and gives them a good all round picture.

The type of employer you get will also determine the type of skills you need to bring home to them. Some places are looking for people with particular traits and qualities. For example, places such as the armed forces or police are looking for those who have an ability to work under pressure. In a job like this you need to show the interviewer that you can handle all types of situations.

If you have strong English communication skills, then you have an excellent chance of passing this test. There are several different versions to take, so ensure you choose one that you feel most comfortable with. You don’t want to rush through this process and then dread the results as you know that some of your answers could have been wrong. Take your time, and read all the materials provided in the kit beforehand. This will help you get the most from your experience and increase your chances of success when it comes to getting jobs in the Asian and emerging economies.

How Will I fare on the Asian and Emerging Economies Exam?
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